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Why Invest in Pittsburgh?

For the past few years Pittsburgh has stood out amongst American cities because of its economic and social conditions. In 2011 it made it to the top of the list of the best places to live in the country and, since then, it has remained within the top 5. Whilst the economic roller coaster has put the steel industry in a tough position, Penn State University has become the most important employer for the city and Pittsburgh has turned into a smaller, friendlier and more sophisticated university city.

Why own rental property in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has experienced a dramatic growth in the last decade and this auspicious trend is projected to continue. Amongst the primary factors that determine this escalation we find the burgeoning medical industry.  With more than 20 hospitals and 3,300 doctors, the healthcare industry attracts professionals in this sector to come and live in our city with their families.  The hardware and software industries are expanding in the region as well, a good example being Google, which recently opened a large division in the city. The jobs that they are creating are magnets for educated middle-class families that are moving here and those families represent some of the best rental clients. They envision a safe, happy environment in which to raise their children and we can provide that.

We have to mention that, in those areas of Pittsburgh that are undergoing a significant uplift, recently renovated properties can be rented for between $750 and $1,150 a month. These amounts place Pittsburgh among the highest rent prices in the country, which for you represents a quicker return on your investment.

This is a great time and an amazing opportunity to invest in rental property. Do you want to own rental property in Pittsburgh? Call Malkin Properties now at (805) 279-1141