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Turnkey Investments

Turn the key to start earning great profits!

Secure your future with passive income from real estate investments. Our buy and hold model provides a good start for entrepreneurs who want to go into the market without taking big risks. Do you want to know more about it?

What is a Turnkey Investment?

Turnkey investment is buying a property that is ready to start earning money from day one. It may seem that this should always be the case, but buying a house or a condo has many steps that, in the case of a turnkey, are taken care of by a Real Estate company. Those companies look out for properties that have a list of prospective tenants, due to their desirable location, affordable prices or the excellence of the building. They complete all the tedious processes and then “match” the property with an investor who is ready to pay for it.

What are the advantages of Turnkey Investment?

If you invest in high quality properties (those that can be more expensive than the average) you will ensure a high return for investment, because the property is already rented or about to be, needs no repairs (this might be the main benefit) and is very well placed in the market in case you want to sell it in a short time.

Why Choose Malkin Properties for Turnkey Investment?

We have 20 plus years of experience behind us, as well as an expert team of contractors, sales people, lawyers, and property managers on the ground ready to handle the day to day tasks. Our know-how and fabulous team allow our investors worry free out-of-state ownership.

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