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Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Pittsburgh

Owning single-families homes is the best way to let your money work for you. Warren Buffet said he would buy a thousand single-family homes if he could find an easy way to manage them– we can help you do that. Let us do the research, contracts, insurance and local bureaucratic processes. At Malkin Properties, we continually monitor real estate trends to understand where the market is going, what’s pushing prices, the effects of supply and demand, and how the major real estate investors are handling their assets. You invest and we do the rest!

Benefits of Investing with Malkin Properties

Whether you are looking for your dream home or investment opportunities in Pittsburgh, the benefit of investing with us rather than starting this adventure by yourself is that you will have our expertise and knowledge in your favor, without having to do extensive and complicated research about market conditions. We can find the best property for you, deal with lawyers and representatives, make the best deals and be with you all the way through signing day.

You Invest, We Do the Rest

We have found returns of investment as high as 10% in this part of the country over the past few years and it continues strengthening, making the economic forecast report of the region one of the most optimistic across the nation. There are lot of excellent opportunities out there waiting for you. You want it easy? You invest and we do the rest!