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Real Estate Investment in Pennsylvania

Why Invest in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has one of the most stable forecasts in the Real Estate industry and, since 2013, it has even shown a positive growth in housing prices. The reason for this relies on the diversification of the economy within the state and in the growth of the population. The Pittsburgh area reports that, by the end of 2015, about 70,000 people will have moved due to work or education since 2011. The figures also inform us that about 30% of these people will want to buy a home for themselves and the rest will be renting a house or condo for a few years, until they decide whether or not to stay. Pennsylvania has a high level of young people among its population who are eager to enter into the home-owning group and it is expected that this tendency will continue to be steady for the rest of the decade.

Why Use Malkin Properties?

Buying a house or condo might be the most important investment you make in your life and you want it to go well. At Malkin Properties we can offer you the advice and help that you need to make this the best decision of your life, as well. The Real Estate market is full of subtleties that determine the price of a property, from one block to the next, and sometimes they are only visible to the expert eye. We are that expert eye, customer-focused and always on your side.

For bigger investors we are a time and money saving factor, taking on our shoulders the job of scouting for the best properties available and gathering the reparation team when needed. We can help to increase the return on your investment significantly.

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