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Investment Opportunities in Pittsburgh

Malkin Properties has spent the last 20 plus years studying the markets and building a solid team of sales people, property managers, lawyers and contractors. Our team works directly for our investors to provide the best services and allow for stress free ownership of turnkey rental properties.

We chose Pittsburgh Pennsylvania as our primary location to grow our business because the prices are right with high rents providing returns as high as 10%.

Attractive Investment Opportunities In Pittsburgh, PA

One of the most interesting things about Pittsburgh is that it has a nice combination of suburban and rural areas within minutes of downtown. It is a variety that you can exploit when thinking about investing in Real Estate, because it doubles the types of customers that you can find in the market. Housing in the 88 neighborhoods of the city is diverse in style and price, so you can find an opportunity for every budget.

Why Invest in Real Estate Today?

Pittsburgh has been ranked amongst the 10 cities in the US that weren’t affected by the recent waves of economic instability. Instead, it is stable and has some of the most convenient taxation plans for entrepreneurs that are ready to invest in downtown properties. Investing in Real Estate is a better idea now, more than ever, because the type of business you will be involved in, particularly in a city like Pittsburgh, is not likely to give you any ugly surprises in the future. Whether you are pursuing an investing career or looking for the house you will let to your children this is the time and place to do it. What are your Real Estate goals? E-mail us today to get started!

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