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Invest in rental property

Investing in rental property: The Cons

You need to take into account not just the price of the property but also the cost of the repairs it might need in order to get it ready to rent, and that could add another bill to your initial investment.

After you know how much extra money you need, you will have to start repairs, which means making sure that you have the best materials for the condition of the building and hiring the workers that will carry out the reparations with those materials.

Once it is rented, you may face the problematic tenant or the taxing process of collecting the rent. For some people, turning into a landlord can be a stressful activity because it involves dealing with people in difficult situations.

With Malkin Properties you don’t have to worry about those steps, we have already evaluated the properties, completed the renovations and accepted a vetted tenant before you even buy the property.

Investing in rental property: The Pros

It is a business with a great return on your investment, particularly in the Pittsburgh where the rents are high.

It is a business that doesn’t need your full time presence to run.

Why Contact Malkin before investing in rental Property?

Investing in property may be a good way to grow your assets. However, as with other types of investment, it’s important to do your research and seek professional advice if you’re unsure about any aspect of the investment. Please call for additional information: 805-279-1141